The project began with an original brick veneer home from the 1960’s, that had not been altered since built. While maintaining the homes original footprint the goal was to create a home that had more open plan living, more functional spaces and all the modern comforts of a brand new home. Through the alterations to the layout a new more practical kitchen and living space were achieved, while greatly improving upon the functionality of the spaces. A contemporary new bathroom space allowed for a flush finish shower and large functional vanity. The living area was vastly improved and opened up to the new kitchen space, helping to achieve the open plan layout. The final addition to the home was a large outdoor decking area and carport that has provided additional entertaining areas for the clients to enjoy. With a complete refurbishment throughout this original 1960’s home has used beautiful finishes and materials to complement the modernised layout. Through efficient design and planning this old home that had little space and limited functionality, now has generous living areas that are functional and modern throughout that can be enjoyed for many more years to come.